Saturday, February 20, 2010

you never know who where or when?

Today I was at work, I was going on my 12th hour of being there and I was tired, I mean so tired that I didn't even want to wait on the tables I had let alone get sat another one. Yet, as is my luck, in walks a couple of business men and they head right for my section. Don't get me wrong they were extremely nice and funny but I was just done by then. Anyway, me and these guys get to talking and it turns out they work for citadel broadcasting and 97.5 radio station in Lansing, MI. I told them I was a senior at Michigan State University and I'm about to graduate with my bachelors of arts in advertising and guess what? They gave me their business cards and told me to fax them or email them my resume so they could set up some interviews. WOW!!! It was great, I felt on top of my game. The entire point to this story is to share with you one of the most important facts I learned while at Michigan State. You never know where or when you could meet a potential employer or even a great networking opportunity, you must always be prepared and be hungry for that next business opportunity, you never know who will walk into your life, or in my case sit down at my table to eat dinner. Always be aware that anyone could potentially be your boss in the future and be aware of potentially business leads that surround you, you never know where your next job could come from!!!

Alright I'm off to bed but for now Im still a waitress but not for long!!!

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