Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some success on the application front!

Just wanted to drop a little side note here and let you all know that I have had a few interviews over the past two weeks and I am very excited. The interviews made me nervous but I felt like I knew what i wanted to say and I felt confident.

Confidence is key. Just let the person interviewing you know how passionate you are about what you do, your work and enthusiasm will speak for itself.

So anyway just wanted to put one more piece of advice out there for everyone. Like I said it is important to be a part of as many social networks as possible this is also good advice when it comes to signing up for career websites such as monster and career builder and Beyond. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket so to speak you want your brand to be out there in as many places as possible.

So anyway looking forward to my career I cant wait to get started. Hope you all have similar success!

its been a while!

Hey all I know it has been a while and I am sorry for that but I just wanted to keep you in the loop about what has been going on.

 I have been applying none stop and still working at Applebees so it has been hectic. I wanted to talk a little about what was discussed in my last post on advertising. Like you all know there is a shift happening and that shift is towards online. One thing that I highly recommend is to get yourself in to a class or find out some kind of information on social media marketing and online advertising. Online is the future and everyone has to keep up with the times, that includes you, stay current and stay active in all the new advertising techniques. I know I don't have very many followers of my blog but that doesn't mean I'm not trying to obtain some search engine optimization for my blog. Remember you are your brand, sell it and let your brand speak for you.

In future posts I would love to talk about creating a blog and getting started in the online advertising landscape, getting your brand out there and being successful. Also I think it is important to just get involved in social networks even if they are not your thing, just sign up see what its all about.

My next venture will be to take a class on building websites. I think that is extremely important and I would love to learn how to build my own website.

Remember stay current and stay hungry, you never know when that new opportunity will come along!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It has been a while! Lets get back into advertising shall we!

Hey, I know it has been a while but I wanted to take a little break after I graduated and focus a little bit on my job at applebees so I can try and make some money, as I'm sure most people can relate to.

But I thought we should get back on the saddle and discuss some business. I have seen a lot of bad advertising lately and I am not sure what is going on in our field. Yes it is true that comedy is good angle to take when creating an add but more and more ads lately have gone overboard on the comedy and have passed that line into corny. You want people to laugh with your ad not at it. So I think we should start focusing more on getting the message across and less on trying so hard to make the consumer laugh because you don't want to annoy the customer more than they already are by your ad interrupting their favorite show!

So I though I would leave the floor open to anyone who has other good angles to use in ads, we know of comedy, drama, family, dogs, etc. all of these are good ideas but lets think outside of the box, what other angles can we take to convey the information we want the consumer to know but also entertain them while not annoying them.

Get back to me!

Monday, May 10, 2010


So I am happy to announce that I graduated from Michigan State University on Friday May 7th with my mother, grandma, sister and fiance looking on with pride. I am so proud of myself and happy that I stuck through it all and came out the other end a smarter and more happy spartan!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

entering the job market!!

So folks, since I graduate tomorrow I would like to get some feedback on some of your experiences with entering the job market. Tell me the good the bad and the ugly!! I want to know how you got your job what hoops you had to jump through and how your all doing now that you landed the job. Let me know!!

jimmys b-day

Hey all sorry I have not written in forever, I graduate tomorrow and my fiance's birthday was yesturday so I have been busy. I will keep you all updated.... more posts coming soon!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lots and Lots of homework

I am trying to manage all of my homework and work schedule but its hard so I might not write on my blog for a little bit, I will try to though. Talk to you all soon!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

my computer broke down!!

Awww the wonderful world of electronics, they help you with your homework, they show you funny videos and they also crash on you leaving you with no outlet to the online world!!! Anyway I am back now sorry about the long hiatis....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

class today!

Today I got to class and to my surprise we had to all get in a circle and do stretches and make loud noises.... I am being completely serious, this is what I pay $500 a credit for to exercise. This was all an exercise to help people with public speaking but if you ask me it seemed like it was a bunch of filler because the professor had no content to actually teach us. This is so wrong!