Monday, March 1, 2010

Social Media networking! huh?

Ya know one thing I have learned, or one thing that has been burned on my brain by my professors at State is how important it is to be on as many social networking sites as possible.
Now with this being said, yes you should join as many sites as you can or enjoy to be a part of, but realistically, don't just join sites to join them. You do want to get your name out there and be in contact with many people but you don't want to be on a social networking site that you never visit and never contribute any content to, because then your just a name on someones list who they eventually delete, and no one wants to get deleted right? So lesson here is, yes join social networking sites, get your name, your brand out there and get as close to #1 on Google search for your name as you can but don't over do it otherwise people will get annoyed with your brand and then where do you go from there?

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