Tuesday, March 2, 2010

powerpoint presentations!

Yay dont we all love powerpoint!! not.... Well regardless of weather or not you like powerpoint everyone should know that your going to have to use it, probably sooner than you think so I thought I could share some things that I have learned and discovered about powerpoint presentations. The number one most important thing I know and cant stress enough to you is practice practice practice!! Honestly if you make a script and practice it you wont need to be looking at your powerpoint the entire time and neglecting your client. Clients like to make eye contact with you and know that you are talking to them and relating with them not ignoring them so you can stare at your powerpoint! Another thing I cant stress enough is powerpoint should just be highlights of what you want to talk about. Don't crowd the slides with tons of words because first of all who wants to read a bunch of data when you could just be telling them about it while they look at a pretty graph that describes what you are saying. Design your powerpoint, don't be boreing and go for a black backround with white font color, cmon your not going to grab anyones attention like that. Use similar font families and dont go overboard with sounds and funny fads or word drop in's remember this is still supposed to be professional. lastly have fun with this, who wants to sit through a stiff powerpoint presentation, I'm sure we have all done it but did you really like it or even pay attention to it, I would say NO!! So have fun and be creative, most importantly don't stress out about your slides, you should be close enough to the project your making slides for that you know all of the information you need to cover and talk about right?

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